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      ABOUT US

      上海廊格門窗有限公司創始于1998年10月1日是一家專業從事老式鋼窗、老式門、門窗配件的企業。我們的務實、求真的工作作風。以及一批經驗豐富、專業扎實的工作人員,為公司在未來擴展更廣闊的市場奠定堅實的基礎! 同時我們服務了全國各地眾多的厲保建筑。




      Shanghai Lang Ge Doors and Windows Co. Ltd was established on 1 Oct 1998 specifying old style steel doors,windows and ittings. Our pragmatic working style as well as our professional team builds up a solid foundation for our development in the market. Our products are installed in many heritage buildings nation wide.

      Our factory has been expanded from 20 square meters to 2300 square meters with 56 workers and more than 20 people specified in material research and development, design and installation. Our service ranges from measurement to design and installation.

      The material of our products are all made of hot galvanized steel which is anti-rust for 30 years. Our existing products include steel windows of 32mm and 40mm series. The one-time forming material developed by ourselves includes steel of 45mm, 50mm, aluminum alloy profile 73mm and copper profile to achieve better sealability and energy saving. 20% of our products is exported to US, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and EU such as France , Italy.

      We aim to further develop our products with quality guaranteed and further explore the market to strengthen our branding.